Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Going Natural and Transition period

So i have decided that i had enough. I had enough of frying my hair,  I had enough of burning my scalp. I DID IT! I TOOK THE PLUNGE AND CUT MY HAIR. THE BIG CHOP like it is called. 
Now i want to make it clear that i am not doing this for anyone but myself. I am not some hair police who going to vilified those who want to relax their hair or wear their weaves. I did it because i needed and wanted to have healthy hair again. There were times when I cut my hair and I regretted right away, but not this time.
I believe that we are lucky enough to live in a country where women have a choice, and as far as I concerned and from now on, my choice is to be natural.

I  transitioned for six months, i wore breads the whole time. I took the breads off in September and I have been natural since.

I keep you informed on my hair progress. Wish me luck!


My hair after my last relaxer
Before the BC

A week later
Post BC

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